The Warrior Project

The Warrior Project

Therapists conducting these sessions have all received specialist training to facilitate these programs and will also have additional therapeutic support via experienced Therapy Assistants to ensure all participants get the most out of the program. All groups recommended by WHR Allied Health in this document are facilitated by Occupational Therapists and require confirmed payment prior to participating. Funding is required to be current in the NDIS Plan within the Improved Daily Living Budget or self-funded.


Warrior Project – Small group anxiety and sensory regulation program

Total program cost: $2741.15 (GST does not apply)

  • 10 x weekly sessions: 1.75hr x OT group rate of $59.76 (15_044_0128_1_3) $1045.80

This includes preparation, set up/pack up.

  • 10 x weekly sessions 1.75hr x TA rate of $45.66 (15_052_0128_1_3) $799.05

TA supports are required to facilitate the group in order to support participants who may disengage or require one on one supports intermittently.

  • Pre, mid and post program review and reporting 5hr x individual OT rate of $179.26 (15_048_0128_1_3) $896.30

Individual OT sessions with participants for completion of pre-program intake assessment and development of individual goals to be achieved within the program, mid-way review and feedback to clients/caregivers. Post program review and progress reporting to demonstrate outcome and goal progression. The progress report also informs caregivers and treating Allied Health providers of strategies participants have learnt so they can continue to be re-enforced for greatest long-term benefit to participants.


  • Warrior Project work book is included within the cost of the program.

The Warrior Project works with participants to teach them skills in:

Self Care

Self Confidence


Emotional regulation

Sensory regulation

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Social Awareness & Engagement

Planning & Time Management

Problem Solving

This program can be applied for all ages, however, has mostly been applied by WHR Allied Health for clients 14 years and above.  The Warrior Project is an anxiety management and social skill program developed by ‘The Little Black Duck.’ It looks at the individual as a whole and puts social skill development secondary to anxiety management and sensory development. It has been beneficial as an alternative to Secret Agent Society (SAS) for older clients and those who do not have a caregiver that can commit to the input required of the SAS social skills program. It utilises a journal and ‘sensory diet’ approach during sessions to support participants maintain focus and practice skills they are learning for optimum engagement.

This program can also be utilised as a one on one therapeutic intervention for young people who require significantly more assistance to learn the skills required to gain most benefit from the program. In this instance requesting individual quote for clients will be required and depend on their circumstances. This can be beneficial for children requiring significant supports for social and emotional skills development but do not have a consistent caregiver to support them and their participation. Some children may have other co-morbidities that prevent their attendance in a group setting but will benefit from the skills developed by participating in the program.

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